About LCN

The Labyrinth Community Network (LCN) is a group of volunteers who value the experience of walking or tracing a labyrinth. In our modern, often chaotic culture and times the opportunity to step into an oasis of calm is rare. Labyrinths provide such an opportunity. Toronto Public Labyrinth is situated in the heart of Toronto’s bustling metropolis.

The group spearheaded the creation of Toronto Public Labyrinth at Trinity Square Park which officially opened September 14, 2005. LCN worked in collaboration with the City of Toronto and The Church of the Holy Trinity on this labyrinth and its predecessor, the grass labyrinth, installed in July 2000.

Ontario Trillium Foundation provided major financial support.


    September 2019


    Saturday October 5 &
    Sunday October 6

    Join Denis Bolohan
    10 am to 4 pm
    behind the Creemore log cabin to walk the Creemore labyrinth
    N 44° 19’ 37” E -80° 06’ 19”

    The title of the Creemore labyrinth is from the village’s latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. The design takes its inspiration from the surrounding topography—the Purple Hills and the Mad and Noisy Rivers. Walking the labyrinth suggests a journey through the surrounding topography to the village centre and out again.