Joyce Layman Creations


Joyce Layman crafts finger Labyrinths on pillow tops. She uses a variety of Labyrinth patterns as well as a wide variety of fabrics, techniques, and embellishments. Each Labyrinth pillow is unique. Throughout the creating of almost 400 pillows, there have never been two exactly the same. Joyce also creates Labyrinth wall hangings and Labyrinth quilts.”

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Labyrinth Art by Pegi Eyers

Original Art, Giclée Prints & Notecards

RR3, Otonabee, ON K9J 6X7  |  705-742-6417

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A celebration of diverse labyrinth designs by artist Pegi Eyers in painting, mixed media and digital art! The labyrinth is a powerful tool for meditation, contemplation, ritual and spiritual growth. With ancient origins in Old Europe and other places worldwide, the elaborate, yet simplistic sacred design evokes the powerful energies, or ley lines, of the Earth. By walking the labyrinth, one may contemplate the wonders of the universe, receive wisdom and guidance, and move to the music of the soul!


Mindful Soulutions

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Unique hand-made wooden tile finger labyrinths designed in 2 sizes,  6x6” and 8X8”


Hand-Crafted Notecard Packages

Pet-Centered labyrinths and customization available