Labyrinth Walking: A journey of the body, mind, and soul.

Reprinted from (April 2011) by Josie Padro

When a friend invited Jo Ann Stevenson to walk a labyrinth, she had no idea it would have such an impact on her life. As she followed the circular path, her thoughts turned to her recent cancer diagnosis.

“I was aware of the curves and that breast cancer seemed to me a curve that had been thrown into my life, so I had the feeling that I was walking on my life path,” says Stevenson.

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Wend Your Way to Peace and Contentment

Reprinted from Toronto Globe and Mail (June 16, 2007) by Melissa Whetsone

Every month, Leslie Bolt puts on her walking shoes, pulls the laces tight and heads from her home in Unionville to the Eaton Centre. But it's not visions of iPods or a new summer dress that fill her head. Instead, she pictures herself rising from her wheelchair and walking a labyrinth.

Just beyond the doors of the shopping mecca sits the Toronto Public Labyrinth. Within its circular shape, which measures about 22 metres in diameter, is a path marked by two-toned interlocking bricks. The path weaves walkers left and right before leading to the labyrinth's centre and back out.

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