A Labyrinth Journey

In 2005, I attended a workshop given by Labyrinth Facilitator, Beverley Chen. This inspirational evening was the beginning of a great journey for me. There was something about the Labyrinth that intrigued and fascinated me and challenged my creativity.

A Labyrinth is a pattern with a single winding path that leads from the entrance to the centre. All Labyrinths are unicursal, that is, they have only one path. Mazes are multicursal. Their many paths present a puzzle which the walker must solve.

A Labyrinth path is meant to calm, relax and rejuvenate the navigator.

Some believe the labyrinth to have evolved out of the spiral pattern found in all of nature and present in many ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions and cultures around the world. 

In early years of Christianity, the Labyrinth became a Christian symbol for a journey or a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. A well-known Labyrinth pattern was first created for the Chartres Cathedral in Paris.

Although varied in the initial appearance, each labyrinth has a circular pattern and a path leading to the centre. This path supports the concept that a labyrinth journey imitates our life’s journey.

Labyrinth Pillow 2.jpeg

Finding a walking Labyrinth is not always easy. I learned that finger walking a Labyrinth can be just as effective and much more accessible. I had seen ‘Finger Labyrinths’ on paper, wood and metal, and since I enjoy working with fabrics, I decided to create a way to put a labyrinth on fabric.

This was the beginning of my ‘Labyrinth Pillow’ journey. Since 2005, I have created almost 400 ‘one-of-a-kind’ Labyrinth Pillows. They have found homes around the Ottawa Valley as well as in various parts of Canada and the U.S., Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and even Afghanistan. 

I am pleased to report that many of my Labyrinth Pillows have brought enjoyment, comfort, relaxation, calm and inspiration to the recipients of all ages. For me, unique Labyrinth Pillows continue to be a creative challenge and a rewarding hobby as I continue my life’s journey.


Along my journey, I have been requested to make wall hangings and quilt tops. These items are varied in size and can accommodate specific requirements. I have also created small (20cm x 25 cm) hand-held wall hangings and mini (3 circuit) Labyrinth pillows. 

Although I am not a certified Labyrinth Facilitator, I have gathered considerable information on the history and use of the Labyrinth. I have guided people through Labyrinth walks both on the walking Labyrinth and the finger-walking one. It has always been a wonderful experience both for me and for the participants.

- Joyce Layman